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Accounts Payable Director

Ozark Public School District

Accounts Payable Director


Job Description



Essential Duties and Description


  • Code invoices – get invoices signed – try to pay from statements if available – input into computer – check for accuracy – have treasurer check for accuracy – Gather administrator approval for invoices:  LEA Supervisor,  Federal Programs Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent and final approval by Superintendent – print and distribute payment in a timely fashion.

  • Gather up all invoices for CV’s, Walmart and credit cards.  Find any invoices that are missing.

  • Work with LEA Supervisor, Federal Programs Coordinator and ASCIP Coordinator in coding their invoices

  • Work with the Food Service Director, Transportation Director and Technology Coordinator on getting invoices approved.

  • Comply with all Audit requirements 


  • Make some of the airline reservations, hotel registrations and register for conferences

  • Send in hotel authorizations


  • Alphabetize, code and input absences into computer


  • Get start up money in August – get money boxes ready including :  game sheets, worksheets, ref sheets, W-9’s), count gate money and deposit it – receipt checks for Athletics  - take all money to the bank and get change for next game.  Deposit startup money made available in August back into bank after last of ballgames.

  • Send out Hillbilly Activity Center advertising invoices, receipt checks

District Annual Paper order

  • This is completed through WAESC Cooperative purchasing in March  - have a 2 week window

Tier II training in September for Administrative Professional Staff

Activity Fund Sponsors Training: with District Treasurer

Bond Payment notification

  • Compliance Manager for this task

Help answer the phone when the receptionist is out. Manage the office and pick up the mail when needed.

Technical Financial and Budgeting assistance:

  • Assist Technology Director providing information for e-rate.

  • Assist Inventory Coordinator on coding for fiscal assets (equipment).

  • Assist District Treasurer on coding bills correctly with APSCN and budget.

Duties and Projects assigned by the Superintendent

Training Requirements:

  • Tier 1 Training Annually

Attend AASBO classes and get CASBO certification—This is a requirement either before or shortly after employment begins.

Experience in any and/or all of described areas preferred

Contract Days:  240 Days

Compensation:  Ozark School District Classified Salary Schedule




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I understand that my application will remain active for one year and that I should notify the Ozark School District, in writing, if I wish to be considered beyond that period. All persons, firms, and entities listed in this application are hereby authorized to release any information or records concerning me to the personnel department of the Ozark Public School District, and I hereby release said persons, firms, and entities from any liability as a result of the furnishing of such records and information. I certify to the best of my knowledge the facts set forth in my application are accurate and complete. I understand that falsifying information on this application will result in non-employment or, after employment or discharge.



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