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Business Manager and District Treasurer

Ozark Public School District

Business Manager and District Treasurer


Job Description

This is a 240 contracted position combining many of the job responsibilities listed below. These are subject to change.  Compensation according to the District Salary Schedule



Reports To: Superintendent




• Prepare Budgets: Under the approval of the Superintendent prepare an annual budget. This includes calculating revenues and expenditures for operating funds and categorical funds and classifying such expenditures and revenues in accordance with the state Financial Accounting Manual and also the AFRB Fund Specifications. Included in this is the personnel budget. This includes accounting for all the salaries and benefits of all persons employed by the school district. This also includes keying into APSCN all budgets operating and federal.

• Prepare and input budget adjustment throughout year as need on all funds

• Input in APSCN personnel information for new employees

• Compute salaries for all employees. Prepare contracts annually for all employees. Also prepare addendums as needed.

• Maintain and update all salary schedules and stipend schedules

• Prepare all employee calendars

• Maintain and update employee budget units in accordance Financial Account Manual

• Redistribute payroll throughout the year as needed to insure correct allocation of expenditures

• Review monthly district expenditures and revenue for district

• Prepare monthly financial report for board and for district website

• Check all district bank accounts with bank statements and APSCN. Prepare the District Bank Reconciliation

• Do miscellaneous billing for district

• System Administrator FMS

• Check and correct APSCN exceptions.

• Check and correct categorical funds

• Set up coding for all grants in the district. Monitor to make sure the grants are being utilized for     the intended purpose and are not being over expended.

• Responsible for completing cycle 1,8,9

• Responsible for completing financial portion of cycle 2,3,4,5,6,7

• Responsible for year end processes, Fund Accounting and Human Resource

• Track and insure that district has the required 9% maintenance of effort

• Do the Excellence Trust Fund requirement computation annually

• Do journal entries for district as needed

• Daily attendance and punctuality are required for the purpose of ensuring the goals of the work unit can be met

• Attend meetings as requested and needed

• Display professionalism in appearance, attitude, and actions



• Payroll

• Gather and calculate timesheets for payroll entry

• Enter new employees into system for payroll

• Add and delete employees from insurance, etc.

• Reconcile bills and send premiums to vendors each month

• Verify employment

• Fill out forms for unemployment, dept. of human services, disability claims, retirement

• Respond to garnishments and calculate amounts to be garnished

• Keep sick leave records

• Receipt and deposit all monies coming into the central office

• Reconcile bank statement

• Post receipts

• W2s

• Monthly and quarterly tax reports and retirement reports

• Certificates of deposit

• Monthly Financial Statement for Board

• Workers’ Comp

• Daily attendance and punctuality are required for the purpose of ensuring the goals of the work unit can be met

• Display professionalism in appearance, attitude, and actions


 QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: CASBO Certified-----To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Applications Accepted

Start Date July 1, 2021

Compensation:  Salary Schedule

Job Contact

Jim Ford 



Please Fill Out The Business Manager and District Treasurer Below










I understand that my application will remain active for one year and that I should notify the Ozark School District, in writing, if I wish to be considered beyond that period. All persons, firms, and entities listed in this application are hereby authorized to release any information or records concerning me to the personnel department of the Ozark Public School District, and I hereby release said persons, firms, and entities from any liability as a result of the furnishing of such records and information. I certify to the best of my knowledge the facts set forth in my application are accurate and complete. I understand that falsifying information on this application will result in non-employment or, after employment or discharge.



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