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Shellie  Harty Harty, Shellie
shellie.harty@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Phillip Helmert Helmert, Phillip
phillip.helmert@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Leah Henry
Henry, Leah
leah.henry@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School View Website
Katrina Herriage Herriage, Katrina
katrina.herriage@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Julie Hicks
Hicks, Julie
Administrative Professional
julie.hicks@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School
Lexie Highfill Highfill, Lexie
9th English
Ozark Junior High View Website
Denise Hitcher Hitcher, Denise
4th grade math/science
Ozark Upper Elementary View Website
Chrisie Hoyle Hoyle, Chrisie
6th Grade Math
christie.childers@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Randall Huff Huff, Randall
randall.huff@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Upper Elementary View Website
Kimberly Huggins Huggins, Kimberly
4th grade math/science
kimberly.huggins@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Upper Elementary View Website
Shannon Hutchison
Hutchison, Shannon
Pre-K Paraprofessional
shannon.hutchison@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center View Website
Pam Irvin
Irvin, Pam
Ozark High School View Website
Danielle James James, Danielle
7th Science
danielle.james@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Kristi Jenkins Jenkins, Kristi
5th grade literacy/social studies
kristi.jenkins@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Upper Elementary View Website
Michael Johns
Johns, Michael
michael.johns@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School
Michael Johns Johns, Michael
8th Math
Ozark Junior High
Brad Johnson
Johnson, Brad
brad.johnson@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School View Website
Melinda Johnson Johnson, Melinda
melinda.johnson@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Upper Elementary View Website
Stephanie  Johnson Johnson, Stephanie
Special Education
stephanie.johnson@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Stacey Jones Jones, Stacey
stacey.jones@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Jannie  Julian
Julian, Jannie
Paraprofessional/Credit Recovery
jannie.julian@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School
Karl Kennedy
Kennedy, Karl
karl.kennedy@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School View Website
Jennifer King
King, Jennifer
Kindergarten Center
Jennifer King
King, Jennifer
jennifer.king@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center View Website
Kim King King, Kim
kim.king@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Tina Kinney Kinney, Tina
tina.kinney@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Haley Koch Koch, Haley
haley.koch@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Cindy Kramer
Kramer, Cindy
cindy.kramer@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School View Website
Karen Lachowsky Lachowsky, Karen
karen.lachowsky@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Sherri Lane Lane, Sherri
Math Lab
sherri.lane@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Leah Lemley Lemley, Leah
leah.lemley@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Nathan  Lemley Lemley, Nathan
6th Grade Social Studies
nathan.lemley@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Tracy Lewis
Lewis, Tracy
tracy.lewis@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School
Stefan Lyons
Lyons, Stefan
Kindergarten Teacher
stefan.lyons@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center View Website
Clint Mainer
Mainer, Clint
clint.mainer@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School View Website
Kendra  Mainer Mainer, Kendra
Physical Education
kendra.mainer@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Michael Mankins Mankins, Michael
michael.mankins@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Junior High View Website
Jade Martinez Martinez, Jade
4th grade literacy/social studies
jade.martinez@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Upper Elementary View Website
Sheila  Masingale Masingale, Sheila
7th Math
sheila.masingale@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Cliff McAnally
McAnally, Cliff
cliff.mcanally@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark High School View Website
Jana McCain McCain, Jana
Media Specialist
jana.mccain@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Junior High View Website
Heather McCaulley
McCaulley, Heather
Kindergarten Teacher
heather.mccaulley@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center View Website
Carmie McChristian McChristian, Carmie
4th grade literacy/social studies
Ozark Upper Elementary View Website
Regina McElhaney McElhaney, Regina
regina.mcelhaney@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Junior High View Website
Glenda McFadden McFadden, Glenda
glenda.mcfadden@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School
Austin McKown McKown, Austin
9th Grade Science
Ozark Junior High
Lana McLaughlin McLaughlin, Lana
4th grade literacy/social studies
lana.mclaughlin@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Upper Elementary View Website
Robin McNutt McNutt, Robin
Special Education
robin.mcnutt@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Casey Meadors Meadors, Casey
4th grade math/science
casey.meadors@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Upper Elementary View Website
Crystal Metzger
Metzger, Crystal
Pre-K Paraprofessional
crystal.metzger@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center View Website
Carlee  Mitchell Mitchell, Carlee
Special Education
carlee.mitchell@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
Teresa  Moon Moon, Teresa
6th 7th Special Education
teresa.moon@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Pam Moore Moore, Pam
6th Grade Science
pam.moore@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Michelle Morgan
Morgan, Michelle
michelle.morgan@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center
Lacey Morland Morland, Lacey
6th Literacy
lacey.morland@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Middle School View Website
Micki Musick
Musick, Micki
Kindergarten Teacher
micki.musick@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center
Bret Nagel Nagel, Bret
Career Orientation
bret.nagel@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Junior High View Website
Caren Nichols
Nichols, Caren
caren.nichols@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center
Caren Nichols
Nichols, Caren
caren.nichols@ozarkhillbillies.orgKindergarten Center View Website
Carol Nichols Nichols, Carol
carol.nichols@ozarkhillbillies.orgOzark Primary School View Website
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