We believe it is our moral obligation to give every child his or her best opportunity for success in our school. We will use educational best practices as determined by current research in all we do. Our plan is for every teacher, instructional leader, and staff member to work in a professional learning community to deliver the highest quality instruction based on curriculum that is instructionally aligned with current curricular requirements. We will assess what we teach to inform us of the success of our instructional strategies. Learning will be the basis for measuring all instructional success. Literacy instruction will be an every day, every minute, and every person responsibility. We will use best practices to develop high-level literacy skills for all students. Technology skills for the 21st Century are as essential as the literacy skills were for the 20th Century. We will embed technology skills into instruction both to enhance learning of subject matter and to teach essential technology skills for the 21st Century. We recognize some students fall behind for various reasons. However, we believe it is our responsibility to put in place a pyramid of interventions, which increases the level of intensity and duration of interventions in order to bring every student to proficiency. We are the Ozark Schools. We believe in our students. Our students believe in us. Together, we are a school without failure, full of hope, on a journey to greatness.

  • School Vision

    Whatever it takes to go from GOOD to GREAT!

    This shared vision is at the core of every goal here at the the Ozark Schools.

  • District Mascot

    The Ozark Hillbilly - Hillbilly Pride Runs Deep!

    The Ozark Hillbilly is at the heart of anyone that has ever lived in our town. We are proud to be Hillbillies at our district. .

  • District Colors

    Purple and Gold

    True Ozark Hillbillies are said to have purple and gold flowing through their viens. You will see our colors in everything we accomplish! It doesn't matter if it is on the field, or in the classroom, we take on everything with Hillbilly Spirit!